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Fran: Being of The Tundra

Name: Fran: Being of The Tundra

Alias: N/A

Alignment: True Good

Fandom Image

Species: Deity

Age: N/A

“D-Darling.. Please, rest. You’ve done enough to day..”
Kind, Talkative, Pacifistic, Sweet.. Fran is the sweetest thing a person or other god can come across.. but never take this as being a push over.

Gender: N/A

Sexuality: Omnisexual

Pronouns: Any Pronouns work

Occupation: Deity

Weapon/Paraphernalia: N/A

Soulmate Connection
Hyper Connection
Soul Link
Old God/Tundra Deity Physiology:
Domain Warping
Encyclopedic Knowledge
Living Conduit
Prime Source
Supreme Divinity
Light Divinity
Deity Soul
Primordial Ice/Water/Wind Manipulation
Natural Warping
Absolute Condition
Primordial Entity
Ancient Power

Sacred/Primordial Ice/Water/Wind Manipulation:
Holy Water Generation
Healing Water
Impurity Destruction
Rain Manipulation
Summoning (entities of water)
Water Manipulation
Water Purification
Wind Manipulation
Air Energy Manipulation
Sacred Wind Generation


Countered by Hell Water Manipulation and Demonic Lightning Manipulation.

God Slayers

Their pure wind can be countered by Dark Wind Manipulation.

A new god could be more powerful than her

His love for Kevin runs deeper than godly possible.

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:
She stands at 5’7

His favorite color is actually purple

They sometimes likes to massage Kevin’s head, back and shoulders

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