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Fear Demon

Name: Troy Nemi

Alias: Fear Demon

Alignment: True Evil


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Species: Human/Chaos Hybrid

True Age: 27

Physical Age: 24

Personality: Calm, collected, calculating, observant, patient, tolerant, semi-cold

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Demiromantic

Pronouns: His/he/him

Occupation: Scientist



Fear Energy Manipulation

Fear Constructs

Fear Solidification

Fear Absorption

Fear Energy Attacks

Fear Augmentation

Fear Aura

Penance Stare

Fear Negation

Fear Inducement

Fear Detection

Fear Immunity

Human/Chaos Physiology:

Disease Immunity

Contaminant Immunity

Enhanced Lung Capacity


Malleable Anatomy

Pain Suppression

Gas Tech:

Nemesis Form (Via Fear Toxin)

Fear Manifestation (Fear Toxin)

Phobia Creation (Fear Toxin)

Cloud Generation (Via Gauntlets)

Mechanical Mastery

Science Mastery

Psychological Mastery


“He who needs change”

*This form is taken when Troy decided to mix his fear toxin with his very body. Doing this he takes on the properties of gas, gaining the ability to turn his body into it and even able to turn parts of him into peoples fears.*

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Tag Combo(s):


limited on how complicated constructs they can create

Any form of Fearlessness or Fear

Users of Apathy

Absorption Immunity

Absorption Negation

Psychic Shield (highly resistant)

Fear Immunity

Psychic Immunity

Intangibility Cancellation/Intangibility Immunity

Non-Physical Interactors can bypass the user.

Electricity can bridge the molecules in phasing. Potentially harming the user even while insubstantial.

Magic Negation/Magic Destruction

Penance Stare:

Needs Eye Contact

Does not work on purely good beings or beings who have never sinned or are immune to sin.

Does not work on beings who are amoral

Won’t work against those who are apathetic or remorseless.

Won’t work against soulless and Absolute Soul beings.

Backstory: WIP

Extra Info:


In his Grand Form he is 6’11

His favorite animal are..Chameleons

His closest friend is a 24 year old man with Carbon Manipulation

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