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Update on The Facultkin Band

Good Day, Everyone.

I have decided to “discontinue” The Facultkin Band Series. This is mainly because I lost interest in it from lack of writing. And I want to focus on more “Original” content. Don’t get me wrong, having a “Kingdom Hearts” style story where there is a plot with other worlds being more of a backdrop is pretty interesting, but I am still using other peoples’ ideas to make my story more interesting. I always love to be original or take a unique spin on things, but I get sidetracked.

But don’t think that the band’s story ends here. I plan to put most of them into my main series, Good Enough Evil/ Bonsatilum, on Amazon and Kindle Vella. I don’t want some of these uniquely designed characters to disappear, nor have the true story I had planned gone to waste. I definitely have interesting plans for them.

Have a Good Day.

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I also go by the pen name Regis Floats, the author of The Good Enough Evil/ Bonsatilum Series.

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