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The Facultkin Band: Entry 13

Ooooh, man. Today was terrible but good, but mostly terrible. Anna and her team had not returned yet, so my group went to Fink Manufacturing & Beyond. It was crawling with guards, but Bey sang their weapons out of their hands while HA released his laugh shotgun-style and took most of them out. Yeah, I was tired of sneaking into places, and this guy needed a butt-kicking since it was another Agennilius. This one stole Jeremiah Fink’s company and now acts as its CEO. Prophet and Ayra went around and knocked out the still-conscious guards.

We proceeded in with no resistance all the way to Stanley’s office. When we entered the room, a tv turned on with Stanley on the screen. He said he knew we would go after him, so he teamed up with Jack Waynand and captured Anna and the others. If we want them back, I had to give up Tempus. Without it, My friends and I cannot travel the omniverse again, trapped on top of this giant bauble forever. Bey said we should go take on both of those jerks and get our friends back. Ayra agreed because Dr.Charles was probably captured as well. I was in deep thought. Sure, we are a bunch of heavy hitters, but they would most likely be ready for that. HA kneeled to me and said, “You have a seer. What do they see?” Oh, he’s right.

I asked Prophet, but they never tried seeing into the future past a few seconds. They tried and panicked, saying, “We need to get moving, NOW!” We all ran to the location Stanley left for us. Prop explained that our friends were going to be tortured in an hour. Ayra empowered herself through the ADAM in her body to rocket past us. Bey, HA, and I eventually, after about 30 minutes, made it to the holding facility. There was a big hole on the side, indicating Ayra’s entrance. We went through that opening, and Cain Cadets surrounded us. Bey was about to sing only to be shot by a tranquilizer dart. Before HA could do something, Stanley told him not to, for he had Woofer by his neck and a screwdriver in his hand.

Jack Waynand brought out our other friends, except for Ayra. He stated that she was at Harvesting Facility next door, which completely upset Dr. Charles. Stanley demanded that I give up my outfit that allows me to travel to worlds, one of the things that belonged to my father. I couldn’t bare to do this…because I don’t have any other clothes. I have been wearing this suit ever since I started these entries. If they expect me to stripe, they better go to a gentlemen’s club because I am not that type of girl. (Prophet: Also, you are afraid that people will gawk and laugh at your impossibly flat chest. Olive: Shut Up!Anyway, I gave my decision and said, “Screw you, STANLEY!” Their reaction was… expected. Jack commanded the Cain Cadets to kill us until, to be honest, I don’t know what happened. Menacingly dark flames demolished everything around us. Ayra ran with a gaping wound on her side to Dr. Charles. He and Chef Mariloft, and Anna were mildly hurt but okay. Woofer escaped, and HA held Bey in his arms.

We used this moment to leave this place while everyone else was either dead or unconscious, but not before pickpocketing each of those jerks’ pockets for the Key Pieces. I asked Ayra if she was okay, and she was not. They get the chance to kill her, but they remove the organ that produces her ADAM, rendering her powerless. Obviously, she wasn’t the one to cause that explosion. Ayra told me that Cumulus caused it. He had returned from his business trip and examined the ADAM before learning of Ayra’s treatment. In a rage, he destroyed everything and the holding facility as well. If we were closer to ground zero of his attack, we would be all dead, except for Ayra. We may have almost all the pieces for the key, but Cumulus has half of Dr. Charles’s piece. I am pretty scared now because we will have to go after him next, but for now, we have to tend to our wounds.

(I don’t own characters and concepts that are both Bolded and Italicized.)

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