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Esper Twin 1

Name: Melissa

Alias: Esper Twin 1

Alignment: True Good


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Species: SuperHuman(Esper)

Age: 20

Classification: Psychic

Ranked: A

Personality: Kind, Jokester, Quick thinker, Sweet

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bi-Sexual

Pronouns: Her/She/Hers

Occupation: Worker at grocery store





Psychic Energy Absorption, Generation, and Manipulation(Color of Psychic energy is Purple and Sky blue)


Shockwave Generation

Extrasensory Perception & Movement Prediction

Telekinetically Enhanced Condition(Type I)


Hand-to-Hand Combat prowess(Karate and Ju-jistu)



100% Destruction

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(A mode were her Esper abilities are pushed to there absolute limits)


Telekinetic powers have range

Can be over powered

To much energy use will tire her


Hi! I’m Melissa, Me and my brother are the best espers you’ll ever meet…But you aren’t here for bragging. Well me and my brothers were run away when our parents found out about our powers, we went home to home…Abandoned house to abandoned house…Until we actually got so where to stay thanks to a old man…He even helped us out with our powers. He passed away though…he left everything to us…His Grand kids…His house…His money…and the secrets of super humans and Technos…

Extra info:

Her favorite color is green

She and her Twin brother have a Pet dog named Jamie

She has a slight British accent

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I have ADHD I have very cool friends Telekinesis and Electricity are my favorite powers And Uhhh...Wendigos and dragons are my #1 and 2 when it comes to mythological creatures

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