Original Characters

Dante Alighieri

Name: Dante Alighieri

Poet/Author: Dante Alighieri

Alignment: N/A


  • Hellhound
  • Man in the Hat (Chuuya)
  • Italian rat (Chuuya)

Age: 23


  • Olive Skin
  • 6’1
  • Shoulder Length black hair
  • Tends to almost always be in a suit
  • Always wearing his father’s black hat



  • November 11th

Gender: Male


  • Bisexual (As he tends to flirt with.. almost everyone)

Affiliation: The Black Rats (Goals are neutral, as it is made up of various assassins, mercenaries ect)

Special Ability:

Inferno/9 Circles of Hell

Special Ability Description:

His ability gives him the power to manipulate fire both from outside sources and inside his own body. Though he choices to do so externally, as it has little to no risk on his body

Techniques: N/A (WIP)


Water/Ice/and of course, negation of his powers

Using his body to create and manipulate flames has a limit. If he is to exceed 1410ºC it will begin to burn him, as his body is only so resistant to his own flames.

Backstory: N/A (WIP)

Extra Info:

He is always teasing Chuuya

He loves eating cannoli’s as his mother made them at her restaurant when he was a little kid

He is an extremely physical and flamboyant man

He tends to randomly hit people he doesn’t like, depending how far that strong disliking for you goes, he’ll either make it clear he is the one hitting you or make it look like someone else did it

He used to be in a very deep relationship, but sadly lost his lover in a gang related attack

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