Original Characters

Clyde D’Angelo Michell

Name: Clyde D’Angelo Michell

Alias: Angelo, Agent Michell, My loving father (Tyler)

Alignment: True Good


Species: Esper

Age: 34

Personality: Talkative, Regretful, Kind, Helpful, Calming

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Pronouns: His/He

Occupation: CIA Agent

Pistol concept art
Combat Knife
Neptune Trading - Wholesale Knives and Swords at the Cheapest Price!  10-inch Hunting Knife w Black Blade and Sheath Neptune Trading- Wholesale  Knives and Swords at the Cheapest Price!
GREYSTONE Project - Taser - Aiwoo Industries by hunterkiller on DeviantArt
Basic Abilities:
Stealth Mastery
Combat Mastery
Body Language Analysis
Enhanced Mind
Military Mastery
Battlefield Adaptation
Enhanced Preparedness
Special Ops Mastery

Telepathy (Advanced):
Mind Reading/Thought Detection
Imitative Mind Reading
Memory Reading
Telepathic Communication
Telepathic Broadcasting
Telepathic Speaking
Telepathic Invisibility
Telepathic Translation

Tactile Telekinesis (Expert):
Object Repairing
Psychic Force-Field Generation
Telekinetic Exoskeleton
Telekinetic Combat
Telekinetic Compression
Telekinetic Defense
Telekinetic Flight
Telekinetic Pressure
Telekinetically Enhanced Condition
Telekinetic Agility
Telekinetic Durability
Telekinetic Endurance
Telekinetic Speed
Telekinetic Strength

Telekinesis Negation and Telekinesis Immunity

Telepathy does not work on mindless beings such as corpses, animated objects, robots, etc.

Psychic Shield

Psychic Immunity

Indomitable Will

Users of Fathomless Mind

Mental Breakdown

Magic-based matters/energies

Ineffective against those who control themselves at fundamental levels


Extra Info:

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