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☆〈 transmission.begin 〉 ` ` ZIEH! TELEFON! JETZT ABER WIRKLICH! ` ` 「 any / all 」 ← 〜 T.S.C.C 〜 → ` ` i could be happy or in distress. ` ` • certified dipshit • • 1/2 person • • professional shopping cart player • "please call me faust. if you happen to know any of my previous aliases... well. you can use those too, i guess. would you like a cup of tea, dear guest? i can happily say that the tea on this reality-crossroad space base is imported from the finest places across all realities. you wouldn’t mind if i put some music on, right? what do i do for a living? i create beings. they’re either cherished, or rot away in their compartments. that only happens if i forget about them, of course. not because i just start hating them. no. that NEVER happens. sorry about the noise here, by the way. tons of other people around here… some of them i know, some of them i don’t. some of them are me. oh? you say you recognise some of them..? well, after all, some of these people are my past selves.” • banned from 98 multiverses • • tea enjoyer • • unhinged industrial music & krautrock fan • ` ` the days of swine & roses. ` ` ← 〜 T.S.C.C 〜 → ` ` SAG MAL HÖRST DU DAS NICHT? ` ` 〈 transmission.end 〉☆

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