Original Characters

Brother Of the Dark

Name: Kent Malios


  • Mr. Malos
  • Connor’s Brother
  • The Moon (Himself & Connor)
  • Brother Of the Dark (Connor)
  • Owner of Mal-Technological (The World)
  • Host.. (???)


Alignment: Neutral


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[Darksite Takeover]


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(This one may be familiar)

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Species: Umbra-Kinetic Human

Age: 29


Well.. f-ck me with a rod.. That’s almost impressive.

He can be standoffish, particularly with people he’s not familiar with. But he’s also far more introverted compared to most of the other superheroes.

But once people get to know him, they can see beneath the surface that Kent is a good man at heart, and cherishes those close to him. That includes Connor (Obviously), James (first bodyguard), his family as a whole, Baxter (his best friend and pretty much adopted brother), Rose (a close friend that sees people for what they truly are), etc.

He also puts on the playboy persona in public, but that’s just to keep suspicion off of him. He donates and runs multiple charities, is a big believer in reforming criminals, hence why his first and only bodyguard and closet friend and Co-CEO are both reformed criminals.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Demiromantic Gynesexual

Pronouns: Male

Occupation: Owner/CEO of multiple Fashion and Tech Companies


Whatever he crafts from Darkness



  • Administration Mastery
  • Arms Industry Mastery
  • Character Judgement Mastery
  • Criminology Mastery
  • Fashion Mastery
  • Planning Mastery
  • Crafting Intuition
  • Peak Human Charisma



  • Umbrakinetically Enhanced Condition/Regeneration (Nigh-Absolute)/Combat
  • Bio-Darkness Manipulation
  • Dark Energy Manipulation
  • Darkling Manipulation
  • Night Vision
  • Umbrakinetic Attacks/Constructs/Solidification/Generation/Personal Darkness
  • Shadow Consumption
  • Absolute Darkness
  • Shadow Camouflage/Cloaking
  • Shadow Interaction
  • Shadow Marionette
  • Shadow Mutilation
  • Umbrakinetic Immunity
  • Dark Portal Creation
  • Dimensional Storage
  • Dimensional Travel
  • Darkness Aura
  • Darkness Empowerment
  • Darkness Mimicry
  • Death Shadow
  • Personal Void
  • Shadow Absorption
  • Shadow Conversion
  • Shadow Mutilation
  • Shadow Stealth
  • Umbrakinetic Combat
  • Parasitic Constructs
  • Biological Absorption/Life-Force Absorption
  • Constituent-Matter Generation/Manipulation (With Parasitic Side)


  • Countered by Sacred Light Manipulation.
  • Some powerful light powers can penetrate the darkness.
  • Countered by Sacred Darkness Manipulation
  • Light Generation/Umbrakinetic Immunity
  • Curing can somewhat deter and fatally wound the Darksite
  • His Brother Connor, along with their allies and family


Backstory: N/A


Extra Info:

  • He and Connor are twins
  • He and Connor both stand at 6’1
  • Darksite was something he obtained from… someone
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