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Name: Kenneth Lucile Philips

Alias: Kenny, Ken, Lucile, Twitchy Eyed freak

Alignment: Neutral Evil


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Species: Hematokinetic-Human

Age: 24


This job will never get easy. I really need to keep that in mind.

Cautious, Loyal, Cold at times, Apathetic in terms of fear

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi-sexual

Pronouns: His/He

Occupation: Right Hand of Valentina


Various forms of weaponry



Supernatural Condition (I)

Unique Eye Color (His eyes are actually black, not some really dark brown, but black)

Archetype: Mafioso:

Crime Mastery

Criminology Mastery

Deception Mastery

Disguise Mastery

Enhanced Charisma

Enhanced Violence

Escapology Mastery

Interrogation Mastery

Intimidation Mastery

Bio-Blood Manipulation:

Blood Attacks

Blood Clotting

Blood Constructs

Blood Field Projection

Blood Generation

Blood Solidification

Dermal Armor (increasing the density of the blood)

Strength, Speed, Stamina, and Regeneration (All Supernatural I)

Prehensile Blood

Blood Absorption

Blood Defense

Blood Sense

Blood Flow Vision

Limb Reattachment (By pulling the severed limb back into place and speeding up the healing process.)


Blood Flow vision and Blood sensing won’t work with those who have no blood

Those with Supernatural III or Absolute strength can break his dermal blood armor

Those with Absolute Condition

Strong enough blood manipulators can temporarily cancel out his powers

Any powers than can possibly hinder regeneration

Backstory: n/a

Extra Info:

He has multiple connections with dirty cops, and usually pays them off when something is about to go down

No one knows his personal life as he does well to make sure it never connects with his work life

He stands at 6’0

He keeps a list of injuries he has taken, having a total of 10. The first 5 being broken bones and the other 5 being internal injuries.

People think he may have Truth Inducement with how easy he gets people to talk

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