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Name: Kylo Xanar

Alias: Ky (Pronounced as Kai), Void’s Host

Alignment: True Neutral

In Armor

True Appearance:

Species: Extraterrestrial Bionic

True Age:???
Physical Age: 25
Mental Age: (In IQ sense): 321






Dual Kartan Blades
Destiny 2: Curse Of Osiris :  Sword

White Energy powered Rifle
The Summoner auto rifle review and best perks | Destiny 2 - SQUAD

Supernatural Condition
Supernatural Strength
Supernatural Speed
Enhanced Senses
Supernatural Intelligence
Supernatural Endurance
Supernatural Durability
Supernatural Combat
Supernatural Agility
Void Energy Manipulation
Absent Energy Manipulation
Radiation Generation
Attraction & Repulsion
Gravitational Upforce
Gravitational Downforce
Personal Gravity
Regenerative Healing Factor
Void Magic
Null Energy Manipulation
X-Ray Vision (Helmet)
Microscopic Vision (Helmet)
Electromagnetic Vision (Helmet)
Night Vision
Glowing Eyes (Dark Blue)
Telescopic Vision (Helmet)
Ultraviolet Perception (Helmet)
Tactical Analysis
Enhanced Preparedness
Combat Perception
Enhanced Calculation

Grand: With his ability to manipulate the Void and the energy it holds he is able to use his Attack Grand in 3 ways

Dying Star“: A move where he compresses enough Void energy to make a dead start that he can enlarge then fire it.

Nova Warp“: A move where he takes in the Void Energy letting out violent strong bursts of it.

Star Spear“: Similar to Dying Star he takes Void energy and compresses it but instead of using it in its ball form, he shapes it into a energy spear and throws it

Void Grenade

Tag Combo(s):

Erasure Immunity

Magic Negation/Magic Destruction is the perfect counter.

Radiation Resistance/Radiation Immunity

Users of Absolute Will have the power to attract or repulse back.

Gravity Immunity

Weak against other fundamental forces.

Can not manipulate gravitational field beyond themselves or tactile interactions.

Healing Impairment can turn regeneration against its user.

Damage inflicted by Irreversible Destruction cannot be regenerated.

Regeneration while automatic, can be effected via conscious thought. (Focus on getting better)


Healing Erasure

Healing Factor Nullification


Extra Info:
Likes candy (Mostly Minty ones)
He loves the Idea of Magic and Tech being one
His favorite Supernatural creatures are Goblins and Succu and Incubi
He wishes to make his own star
He wants any and all animal and plant life to carry on once humans are gone

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