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The Pride Ring — The Ring of the Bloodlust Curse

  Long ago, the Ring of Pride was a powerful Ring. The Original Pride Ruler, Pagóni ‘Lucifer’ Yperifáneia, was the strongest Pride Ruler so far. It was his idea to invade The Afterlife and Assassinate the King of Heaven. But when the plan failed and the Sin Rulers were caught by Scask the Sith, the King of Heaven cursed Lucifer and the rest of the Original Sin Rulers and turned them into Stone.

  In a last-ditch effort to benefit his ruleless kingdom, Lucifer swore on oath of Excelsus that his Kingdom will “Be feared for their Blood and be known for their Bite”. And with that, Lucifer was gone. Trapped in Stone for eternity.

  Enraged by the fall of their King, the Pride Ring swore Revenge on behalf of Lucifer. His wife, Aráchni ‘Lilith’ Alazoneía took over the Throne for the following 3 years, but isolated herself from the rest of the Sin Rulers. And this is what she met Skorpiós ‘Sargran’ Vdélles; the Necromantic Demon of an unknown Ring.

  Sargran and Lilith grew close to each other and the two became close allies. And after a few more months, Lilith chose a younger Uraeus ‘Fang’ Archon to become the next king. But if she only knew what would come back to haunt her and the rest of Hell.

  When the time came for Fang to become the Pride King, Lilith would soon meet Satan himself. Falling in love with him, she went from being the Pride Queen to becoming the Queen of all Hell. She’s still alive even to this day.

  Meanwhile, Fang would fall in love with Sauros “Jewel” Oura, a sweet Demon with a heart of Gold. After a couple of months, the two became married with Jewel becoming the new Pride Queen. And soon, the two would have three boys; Tigris ‘Xcer’ Rhamnousia, Lupus ‘Quince’ Ichor and Peristerá ‘Tatoe’ Soter. But behind closed doors would soon become dark.

  It started with the death of Cadmean Ambrosia. The Fox God’s demise shook Hell to its core, especially the Pride Ring. King Fang suddenly blamed Sargran for Cadmean’s death due to his association with Necromancy and ordered the death of the Mystic Demon. But not even Death ended Sargran. His connection with Panthera was so strong it negated—or at least pushed back—Death itself.

  Even more Enraged, King Fang—despite all the warnings not to—banished Sargran into the Void..only for the Mystic Demon to curse his Family that the next one to fall would be his. This left the King paranoid and decided to prohibit his Sons from leaving the Ring. But this would only be the start of the King’s downfall.

  Next, The Winged War. The Pride Ring participated heavily in the War and had even got what they wanted; the Death of the King of Heaven. Though they couldn’t kill Queen Rain, they and the other Rings were victorious. And although many of the Pride Demons were lost, it wouldn’t be as bad as what would be happening in secret.

  See, King Fang didn’t exactly desire to have 3 Sons. In fact, the birth of Quince was a mistake to him. It was even a bigger mistake—in his eyes—when he found out his Middle Son was an Incubus; a lesser kind of Demon that was considered even lower than Imps. So he moreso focused on Xcer and Tatoe and barely acknowledged Quince’s existence. This would last for many years.

  The Incubus Prince wasn’t much better. He had struggled with showing Good Emotions and had a twisted mentality that developed from exposure of Executions. His Insanity would slowly decrease more and more from his father’s Verbal Abuse and the backlash regarding his Species and—later—his Sexuality.

  After so many years of pain and misery…Quince finally snapped.

  The Cannibal Massacre happened. Starting out with an Imp that was a Pride Servant, Quince killed and ate over 20 Pride Servants and Guards and more than 50 other Demons. Once he was finally caught by his Family, his Throat was sliced open, his Left Eye was clawed until it became blinded and scarred and he was Executed by Hanging. And to this day, the smell of his Blood still stains the entire Pride Castle and even the entirety of the Pride Ring.

  After the Massacre and to this day, King Fang, his remaining Family and the entirety of the Pride Ring would be scolded, blamed and hated for their lack of acknowledgment and their reluctance to help the victims of the Massacre. Though King Fang still rules Hell, it’s only a matter of time before someone overtakes the Ring…for better or worse.

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