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The Gluttony Ring — Hell’s Starving Circus

  Known for being the second biggest Ring in Hell and having a yellow-colored sky, the Gluttony Ring has always been known for a theme of circus-related entertainment. However, when the former and orginal Queen of the Ring—Skathári ‘Beelzebub’ Laimargía—was around, it wasn’t always this way.

  Thriving on only the Hunger of other Demons, Beelzebub was the reason why Insect-based Demons exists. After creating an army of them, she began her regin by focusing on Food. This led to an overwhelming supply of Food within the Ring, essentially resulting in other Rings either starving or needing to make deals with Beelzebub to get it.

  However, this mindset of Hunger soon ended once Beelzebub and the other Seven Sin Rulers attempted to take over Heaven and were all petrified in the process by the King of Heaven. Once she was no longer around, the Demons of Gluttony soon no longer had a strong need to overeat. So instead, they gave the leftover Food back to the other Rings before choosing their next Ruler. Through votes and due to their uniqueness for being humble, Choíros ‘Prifurmir’ Tsírko was soon crowned as the newest Gluttony Ruler.

  After their crowning, Pirfurmir—through potential self-influence and curiosity—began reworking Gluttony into a place where Entertainment was big and the Food was bigger. Through the usage of the Gluttony Grimoire alongside their own Spells, they soon transformed the Ring into a Circus-themed Carnival where everyone could indulge themselves in whatever desires they want. And to this day, Pirfurmir and their Circus Ring have been going stronger than ever.

  As for the Insect-based Demons—now known as Deisects, they’re all thriving as well. With their existence has brought Hybrids found spread across all of the Rings of Hell. And just like Pirfurmir and the other Demons of Gluttony, they can no longer be full or starving when it comes to both Hunger and Enjoyment.

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