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Shiverred (Story Teaser)

Welcome to Shiverred Resort!

  Whether you’re visiting the city of Chicago or just desiring a break, we’re here to serve you! Our staff has been known to give fast services with immeasurable dedication to their work.

  Alongside our 40-foot infinity pool, a kitchen-bar combination room and the 30 floors of rooms, this hotel also has an underground area created all for entertainment. Kids, teens and adults can enjoy arcades, movies and even virtual reality systems all without paying a dime!

  We hope you join us on your next vacation or getaway!

  Just remember..

  Keep. Yourself. Loaded.


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I am the creator of over 19 Original Series, including “Demons In New York”, “Blood And Jaws”, “Cursed Red Winter” and many more. I plan to become a writer, podcast creator and/or animated series creator for all of them.

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