Original Characters


Name: Mikey [Second to last name unknown]

Alias: Mike, The Unknown

Code ID: None

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Age: 29

Personality: Cold, Collected, Calm,

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Demiromantic Pansexual

Pronouns: His/He

Occupation: Hacker/Coder


Smartphone Concept Art [4K Render] - Multiple POVs
A bandana he never removes (In pic)

Assault Rifle
Pin on GUNS

Pistols (x2)
Custom Guns & Firearms Including 1911 Pistols, 6-Shot Revolvers & Shotguns

Sniper Rifle:
List of sniper rifles - Wikipedia

Metal retractable baton:
Smith and Wesson Collapsible 16 Inch Baton



Peak Human Condition: His body in in the perfect standards that his body allows. He is stronger , faster, and can exhaust him self far longer than most people.

Painkiller: He has an extreme resistance to pain, to the point punching him across the face wouldn’t make a sound come out of him.

Total Hacking Mastery: Mikey has an almost superhuman efficiency for hacking. Being able to install things unseen to others like Face-Blockers than can hide the identities of those on camera. Selective voice modifiers, drones, phones, computers, ect. Even with computers and programming

Mechanics Mastery: He can understand the operation of any mechanical device and subconsciously/effortlessly create a schematic in his mind. One of his many mottos is “Another man’s trash is my treasure”

Parkour Mastery
: He is also trained well in parkour, noth

Gunmanship: Through training, Mikey became a master of wielding firearms. His precision is something seen as inhuman. As such he has an armory of various guns, explosives.

Quiet Steps: He is extremely trained in stealth, being so well self taught it is mistake for teleportation how he can just vanish then reaper whenever he feels like it

Flowing Krav-Maga: A combination of Capoeira and Krav-Maga that he uses more than anything else. It combines his speed and strength as one.

Coded Capabilities: N/A

Coded Vulnerabilities:

Aim Dodging, Hyper Evasion and Enhanced/Supernatural Reflexes are perfect counters.

Firearm(s) may jam, or he may run out of ammunition.

Users of Observation Detection are aware of being aimed.

The things he can create can be hacked, destroyed, or shut down by EMPS

At the end of the day he is still a human going up against people with god like power. He is still prone to sickness, grave injury and death

Pain Inducement

Ancient Technology is far harder to hack and work with

He can very much injure himself during Parkouring if he is rushed

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:
He is 6’0

His phone case is style after his favorite cartoon

Theme: & – Tally Hall

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