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Hokori Tokaze

Name: Hokori Tokaze

Nicknames: The Banished Royal, “Aerogant”,

Occupation: Thief 

Age: Appears to be 17-19

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual 

Height: 5’4

Weight: 130lbs 

Species: Kazero 

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral 

Backstory: Tokaze was born to the Kazero Clan as the first child of emperor and empress. It was his destiny rule the clan as leader when he  was of age. In order to become strong enough to be the leader of the Kazero Clan he trained under several masters for years undergoing brutal training ever since age 4 to master his control over the wind, to be proficient in hand to hand combat and to learn how to wield weapons. He completed his combat training at the age of 10 . Soon his father would begin to sharpen his mind so he would be smart enough to rule the country and he did this by taking his son with him to meetings of the clan higher ups so he could learn from him. One night when his father was late to a meeting one of the meetings one of the generals proposed an idea that would come at the of the lives of many of their soldiers. Tokaze called this general out as his father walked in stating that it would come at the cost of many lives insulting the general and due to this his father said he had lost his honor and he must go to a Tatakaze( Tatakai means fight in Japanese and Kaze means wind in Japansese so, Tatakaze means Wind fight) to regain it. He would then participate in the tatakaze in order to gain back his pride and his honor but to his surprise his opponent was his own father. He refused to fight his own father so he was beaten and exiled from the Kazero clan and if he ever set foot near their territory, he would be killed. After this Tokaze would be on his own angry, sad and filled with shame and had to resort to means of treachery and honorless actions to survive, by stealing lying and killing. Eventually he got used to this life and became desensitized to it. He still is filled with shame over everything that had happened but is now hiding it all under a false pretense of pride thinking that it would make his shame go away but instead its only made that shame worse and worse.

Personality: Tokaze is a very arrogant person. He thinks very highly of himself due to his royal blood and is borderline narcissistic. However behind this act he holds a lot of self-loathing, self-doubt and shame over his past. If you can get past this literally forcefield of pride he is very loyal and emotionally vulnerable person. He can also let his emotions take control of him very easily when certain topics are brought up. 

Powers and Abilities:

Wind Manipulation: Tokaze has mastery over the wind/air and uses it in combat to augment his physical abilities making him more agile and giving himself more of a punch as well as using it to create wind blades, air blasts, aero pulses and physical creations of wind, etc, etc. 

Tokaze is very knowledgeable in the art of combat being skilled with and without his powers. He is good in hand to hand combat and weapons particularly with two Dao Swords. 

Tokaze can let his emotions take control of him very easily in the heat of combat, especially his anger. 

Tokaze loves to fight in open environments when using his wind abilities hitting them from afar with air slashes, wind blasts etc etc but if necessary he can use his two short swords to fight up close and personal. 

Tokaze can’t use his powers in a vacuum and requires there to already be air in the vicinity 

Strength: 6/10

Combat Speed: 8/10

Travel Speed: 9.8/10

Intelligence: 7/10

Combative Intelligence: 8/10

Power: 8.2/10

Control Over Abilities: 6/10

Strategic Ability: 9/10

Reaction Speed: 9/10

Hax: 0/10

Endurance: 5/10


Tokaze has White hair  as white as the snow in winter. His hair goes up in a spiky fashion with multiple bangs falling on the sides of his head and on his forehead. He wears a Black cape and underneath that he has a green chestplate with the marking of the Hokori Royal Family on it with charcoal grey pants and black boots. He has cyan eyes that really shine in the moonlight. On the  sides of his pants he has scabbards to hold his Swords. 

Extra info: The Kazero Clan is based off of Japanese Culture. Tokaze is heavily based off of Prince Zuko from Avatar the Last Airbender. No one who’s seen his face and lived have recognized him as prince of the Kazero clan

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