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Name: Frost

Nicknames: Frosty, Snowcone Maker, The Blizzard Bandit, The Orphan Father

Occupation: Thief/Bandit 

Age: Appears to be Around 15-16 

Gender: Male 

Sexuality: Unknown 

Height: 5’2

Weight: 107 lbs 

Species: Cyrosian

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


Frost is a member of the Now Missing Cyrosian Race. He never knew his father or mother as they had died when he was around the age of 4. He grew up as an Orphan in the streets, he survived only off of his ability to steal and his abilities as a Cyrosian. At the age of 8 he would soon become a somewhat known criminal for potentially the greatest steal of his life, he stole an Amulet with a Turquoise Gem. This Amulet was originally gonna be sold to someone for a high price but something just intrigued him about it and he kept it for himself. Around the age of 12 he met other young Orphans and took care of them acting as a brother and semi father figure. He stopped stealing only for him to survive and starting stealing for the others to survive so they won’t have to resort to his own methods of survival and can be better than him. He would soon find himself and his little group of Orphans in the slums of the city they lived in. This would become their home and Frost’s base where he planned what to steal next for himself and the orphans. He has yet to be caught and if he does he’s got enough power to escape and protect himself and his orphans. 


Frost growing up in the streets at first caused him to be cold, distant and made him hold up a constant poker face. He’s grown to be a very wrathful and envious person of the wealthy. However, he would soon let this attitude melt away when he found his Orphan kids and took care of them. When he finds his little homeless orphans in trouble he’ll stop at nothing to take down their assailant and rescue them from harm even if it means he’ll die or get captured by the police as these young children with glimmers of hope in their eyes are the only reasons he has to live. When near his kids he is very warm gentle and caring towards them. However towards anyone else he is a very angry, violent and cold. When comes to those who get in his way he won’t hestitate to put them 6ft under. 


Powers and Abilities:

Ice Manipulation: As a Cyrosian he has control over Ice and Snow. Able to manipulate existing Ice and Snow or create it out of Thin Air. His Powers over Ice and Snow are amplified even further by his Amulet allowing him to deep freeze even the air causing his opponents to suffocate to death. 

Cold Manipulation: While wearing the amulet he gains an overall control over Cold being able to shift the temperature of a room from 30C to -10C. 

Frost has become relatively athletic to be able to get away when stealing. He is quite fast and nimble especially on the ice. However he doesn’t have any real physical strength but he does have some knowledge of combat.

Frost has trouble fighting in closed environments and against searing flames as they melt his ice quickly but his snow can put out the flames in high amounts. 


Combat Speed: 7/10

Travel Speed: 9.6/10 (Mach 1.2 at best)

  1. Intelligence: 5/10

Combative Intelligence: 8/10

Power: 7/10(w/o Amulet) 8.2/10(with Amulet)

Control Over Abilities: 6/10

Strategic Ability: 8/10

Reaction Speed: 9/10

Hax: 0/10

Endurance: 3/10


Frost has Blue Hair put up in a Spiky fashion with his bangs falling on the sides of his head and his forehead. He has brown skin with Emerald Eyes and Freckles on his cheeks. He wears a gray sweater a Black Mask which covers his mouth and nose, a Gray sweatshirt, A  Jet Black tattered Cape and an Amulet with a Turquoise Gem in it with Black Pants and Black Boots.


Extra info: If necessary Frost can use ice(external source or something he generates) to sustain himself for about only 2-3 days before needing actual food. Frost has never been seen without his mask and rarely wears anything else besides what he wears when he’s stealing something. 

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