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Dead On Live: Chapter 4

Chapter 4


  “Lights, camera, action!” The director shouts as Donny walks up to his stage, waving at the people in the stands clapping. He sits down, chuckling.

  “Good morning everyone! I’m your host, Donny Kurgis.” Donny states, smiling. “Now today, we have a brand new kind of guest. Please welcome the Fox God reincarnation from NYC..Tamma Mosko!”

  Tamma walks onto the stage and the crowd begins to clap louder. He sits down across from Donny, smiling. “Good morning, Mr. Kurgis. It’s a pleasure to be here.”

  “No, the pleasure’s mine, Mr. Mosko!” Donny chuckles. “Are you ready to answer some questions?”

  Tamma nods.

  “Good! First question.” Donny puts down a stack of sheets of paper. “Can you tell us about yourself?”

  Tamma smiles. “My name’s Tamma ‘Hyku’ Mosko, but I also go by Tokino Ymir and Cadmean Ambrosia.” He spoke. “I’m also a husband and a father, but I plan to become an activist against illegal experimentation.”

  “Wonderful! And congratulations on the marriage!” Donny smiles. “Next question. Why did you burn down all of those research organizations?”

  Tamma’s smile becomes a smirk. “To give them a taste of fear. You see, they’ve..mistreated me for over 17 years. It’s about time they got their karma.”

  “..Oh.” Donny gulps a little bit. “Do you plan to destroy more?..”

  Tamma shrugs. “Maybe. Maybe not. It depends.”

  “Good, good.” Donny turns a page over. “Fourth question. What do you plan to do since you have..’checked out’?”

  Tamma smirks even more. “Take life and everything around me into my own hands. Do whatever I please. Besides..it’s about time I lay to rest..permanently.

  David, the other cameramen and the director froze with fear, looking at each other. Was this in the script? Probably not, so why was this happening?

  “I—..I see..” Donny gulps again, fear in his eyes. “Is there anything else that you plan to do?”

  Tamma’s smirk becomes unhinged. “Yes, actually. I plan to host this show in about two weeks, if you don’t mind. There’s something that I’d like to show everyone.”

  “Sir, this dude is insane!” David whispers to Donny. “Let’s get him out of here!”

  Tamma glares in David’s direction, but quickly stared off.

  “No, David! Keep rolling!” Donny whispers back, then looks at Tamma again. “Is there anything else that you’d like to tell our audience?..I’m afraid that I’m out of questions..”

  Tamma slowly stands up. “There is.” He walks over to Donny’s desk, leaning forward. “If any of you think you can end me or stop me, then you’re dead wrong. This is my life now. And I’m not letting some pathetic Humans touch my life again.”

  “Cut, cut!” The director shouts, panicking.

  Moments later, the room and the show both cut to black, but notbefore Tamma looks directly at the camera with a chilling death stare.

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