Original Characters

Arthur Klimstova

Name: Arthur Klimstova

Alias: Artie

Alignment: Neutral Evil


Species: Superior Mystic Human

Age: 31

Personality: Observant, Self-Indulgent, Semi-Prideful, Merciless, Blunt and Aggressive.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Aromantic Pansexual

Pronouns: He/Him

Occupation: Adventurer

Weapon/Paraphernalia: N/A

• Enhanced Condition (Type II)
• Bloodline Energy Manipulation
• Psionic Magic
^ Magic Mastery (Apprentice Level)
^^ Magical Energy Manipulation
^^ Spell Casting
^ Psionics
^^ Astral Manipulation
^^ Aura Manipulation (Basic)
^^ Empathic Force Manipulation
^^ Extrasensory Perception
^^ Psychic Energy Manipulation
^^ Psychic Force Manipulation
^^ Telekinetic Force Manipulation
^^^ Psychokinesis
^^ Telepathy (Expert Level)
^^ Teleportation Force Manipulation

Grand: N/A

Tekc(s): N/A

Tag Combo(s): N/A

• Can be overpowered by users of a Supernatural Condition and Absolute Condition.
• His Bloodline Energy Manipulation can be countered by Anti-Energy and DNA Manipulation.
• Magic Negation/Destruction can affect the magic portion of his powers.
• Anti-Psychic Presence can affect the psionic portion of his powers.
• Using magic and mental power at the same time may strain him to death.
• Master Magicians may easily overpower him as an apprentice.
• While with his Telekinetic Force Manipulation he has power equivalent to Supernatural Strength Type II, with regular Psychokinesis he only has power equivalent to Enhanced Strength.
• Psychokinesis is directly linked to his emotions and thoughts, which means he may lose control.
• Telekinetic Force Manipulation requires him to cast gestures, such as moving his hands or eyes accordingly with what he’s manipulating, meaning he can be limited to Psychokinesis if restrained.
• Users of Psychic Shield may take time and effort to affect telepathically, while users of Psychic Immunity are impossible to affect.
• While he possesses incredible teleportation power, his precision is not perfect. While in no way hurtful (he would never teleport into a wall, for exemple) it can be a bit anger-inducing.
• He should be careful with small objects or he’ll destroy them from the intense force.
^ He can not teleport anything below a molecular level.

Backstory: N/A

Extra Info:
• He’s 5’10”
• Glowing Eyes: When using his powers, his eyes might glow blue. While he can control it most of the time, he can’t control it when it comes to any form of Energy Manipulation.
• All his energies are blue in color, but have different appearances.
^ His Bloodline Energy appears to be almost liquid at times.
^ His Magical Energy appears similar to electricity.
^ His Psychic Energy is just plain energy.

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